We are in the season of Birak

As the rain eases and the weather warms up, we are in the season of Birak. Many small fledglings will venture out of their nests and reptiles will start shedding their old skin for a new one. Traditionally this was the fire season.

An almost clockwork style of easterly winds in the morning and sea breezes in the afternoon meant that this was burning time of the year for Noongar people and they would burn the country in mosaic patterns. There are several reasons for this, including fuel reduction, increasing the grazing pastures for animals, to aid seed germination and to make it easier to move across the country.

We are now into our final weeks of the school year. There are many important events being held over these weeks, so please refer to our calendar and Connect for information.

Volunteer Thank You Morning Tea

Our many volunteers over the year make a huge impact to our school; from helping in classrooms, to being a part of the School Board and P&C.
We value and appreciate your time and efforts.

We invite everyone who has volunteered over the course of the year to join us for morning tea on Thursday 16 December at 10:45am to say thank you.

Important News Re ASHS Canteen Lunch Service

Next year the ASHS P&C will not be running canteen services that we will be able to link into. ASHS is currently pursuing options via a tender process, with the possibility of APS linking in next year. As we are so late in the school year, it will be likely that I will not have another update regarding a lunch service until the new school year. As information comes to me, I will be sure to pass it on to you all. Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Busy Bee

Thank you to the fantastic group of parents, students and staff who rolled up last Saturday to help spruce up the gardens and surrounds in our Early Childhood area. We have made a great impact! We are now getting organised to mulch and replant some areas.

Thank you all!