The Lap WA…

On Wednesday we hosted riders from The LapWA who have been riding motorcycles from the top of our state to the bottom to raise funds for Telethon. Father

and son team Joel and Weston Jackson talked to our students about their journey through WA and why they embarked on the epic trip. Their journey has covered 10,000knms over 45 days.

We were super proud to present a cheque to Joel for Telethon for $1030.00!!! Great fundraising effort APS!!

2022 Planning and Class Requests

We are at that time of year again when we are planning for next year.

If you know you will be leaving our school at the end of the year, please let us know.

Any requests for classroom placement in 2022 should be placed in writing and sent to the principal by Friday 5th November. Requests for individual teachers will not be considered. Requests should be based upon educational outcomes for children. Whilst we will consider these, it may not be possible to accommodate your request.

Rottnest Camp 2022

Our Year 6s are current off enjoying the delights of camp at Rottnest Island.

At this point in time, it is likely we will go ahead with camp in 2022. Parents should be aware that there is a requirement for students to be competent to swim at the beach and take part in swimming activities. We require students to have passed Stage 5 to swim at Rottnest.

If your child is not yet near this swimming level, I encourage you to take advantage of VacSwim lessons over the school holiday breaks.

Ms Cathy Willis Principal