Principal’s Update Term 2 Week 4

Staff have been working together to create a short, meaningful statement about what it is we wish to accomplish at APS. Our

purpose is about being here for all students and allowing them to grow and achieve their very best. After workshopping ideas, phrases and key words, and many reviews, we have come up with a statement that will guide us in all we do.

Together our community nurtures diversity and pursues personal excellence to unlock potential.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide some further explanation about what this means, how it looks and how you can support our moral purpose.

Business Plan

Our Business Plan 2021-2024 is finally published and available for all families to view on our website. We will also send a copy home via Connect.

The Business Plan is the result of a collaborative process involving staff and our community. We will be working over the next four years to achieve our targets, whilst working under the priority areas of Successful Students Inspired and Capable Staff, and, Enriched Community Partnerships.

Ms Cathy Willis