Principal Transition

From Monday 12 August, Ms Cathy Willis will take over as Principal of Albany Primary School. Students, staff and community have been incredibly supportive of the school during our Principal transition. As a result, there have been staffing changes and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the following staff; 

  • Ms Sarah Eley for relishing the opportunity and doing a fantastic job as Deputy Principal. Ms Eley will resume her role with Room 23 next week. 
  • Mrs Sue White and Mrs Louise Gardner for working with Room 23 during this time. Both teachers have done amazing work with the class. 

This week we also welcomed Mr Adam Beard and Ms Belinda Stonehouse to Albany Primary School. Adam will take over as the teacher for Room 9 for the remainder of the term, while Ms Stonehouse will support the class as an Education Assistant for the next four weeks. Additionally, we welcome students Sally Ford in Room 3 and Jessica de Vos in Room 6, for the duration of their practicum. 

Positive Behaviour Support – PBS 

Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team have been working hard to create a logo for our expected behaviours of Respect, Include, Safety, Excellence … RISE! The final product is a combination of student and staff ideas. Each expected behaviour has its own logo and when they are overlayed we get the magnificent logo you see here. In the coming weeks, you will start to see this logo displayed on signage around the school and featured with our school logo on different publications. Congratulations to the students, staff and PBS Team on this fantastic achievement. 

Class Learning Journey Term 3 

This term, teachers will open up their classroom doors for a Learning Journey in Week 8 or 9. The purpose of a Learning Journey is for parents and carers to sit alongside their child/ren and share in what they have learnt and discovered. Attached to this newsletter is an updated Term Planner which has the scheduled dates for each class Learning Journey. We encourage everyone to come along and enjoy this experience. 


Mr Reece Smith, Principal