School hours and attendance

Bell Times

School Resumes 8:50am

Morning Recess 10:50am

Class Resumes 11.10am

Lunch 1.10pm

Class Resumes 1.50pm

School Finishes 3.00pm

Maintaining Regular Attendance 

Attendance is compulsory for all students from pre-primary to year 12. Kindergarten is not compulsory but attendance levels should be maximised once enrolled. 

Student absences need to be for appropriate reasons: 

  • Illness or injury that is severe enough to warrant home/hospital care, rest and recuperation. 
  • Unavoidable family business and activities that affect child supervision and family organisation. 
  • Specialist medical or dental appointments. If these can be made after school or during the holidays that is advisable but it is understood that this may not be feasible. 

Birthdays and visits from family members don’t constitute feasible reasons for absenteeism. 

Parents are required to notify the teacher either verbally or in writing why a student will be or has been absent. Parents will be requested to provide reasons for absences when they remain unexplained. 

Maintaining Punctuality 

  • Aim to have students arrive at school between 8:25 am and 8:40 am each day. This enables  class members to prepare for the day. Arriving before 8:25 am is not recommended or desirable. 
  • Collect students promptly after school. No one should be collected any later than 3:15 pm. 
  • Arrive punctually at school at designated times if the teacher is conducting an assembly, excursion, special classroom activity or there is a special school sporting activity they are attending. 
  • Always be on time to collect your child from a school disco or after school event. 

When you are punctual you help the school conduct activities effectively and decrease the anxiety and frustration levels of your child. 

Before and after school play on school grounds 

The staff of the school owe the students a “duty of care” once they are on the school grounds and the principal is responsible for managing those people who are on the grounds and using them outside of instruction time. 

In the mornings students have very limited play areas and must stay inside the classrooms or main courtyard until 8:30 am. They may, after that time only play on the basketball courts closest to the main school buildings. This play can only include round ball games with no kicking or ball hitting. 

In the afternoons parents are responsible for their children and therefore their wellbeing and safety. 

However, all students must follow school requirements regarding play equipment and may be required to leave the premises. The principal has the right to ask anybody on the school grounds to depart the premises immediately. We ask all parents to ensure that students play appropriately and leave as soon as possible. Organisations may use the facilities in agreement with the principal. A fee may apply.