Download our Albany Primary School – Term 3 Canteen Menu

ASHS have confirmed they have sourced an external provider who can work on their school site to provide lunches.

Orders must be placed online at are very easy to set-up for new parents) and need to be placed before 9am on the morning of the day you are ordering for.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ROOM NUMBER AND TEACHER UPDATED FOR 2022 FOR EACH CHILD. This is very important, as the staff from ASHS canteen will not know our students or teachers and we don’t want lunch orders getting lost.

Lunches can be ordered every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Setting up your Quickcliq account

  1. Check the day – orders are only taken for Monday, Thursday and Friday.
  2. Check the time – orders must be submitted by 9.00am on the day the lunch is required – no late orders can be accepted
  3. Open Quickcliq (Quickcliq website) – new users will need to select Sign Up (and follow instructions to register), existing users will need to select Log In
  4. Check your child’s classroom details are correct – existing users, your child’s room may be outdated
  5. Check you have credit to use – select Add Credit to add money to the Quickcliq account
  6. Order your items – Select Meal Order to start ordering
  7. Finalise your order – follow all prompts on Quickcliq.  You will receive confirmation in Quickcliq AND you will be sent a confirmation email.
  8. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES – please contact the Albany Primary School P&C on or Albany Primary P&C Facebook page.  The School Office is unable to assist with these orders.


Healthy Food Consumption

While we understand parents have the responsibility to provide meals for their children we do ask you to support us in our endeavours to have our students consume healthy foods during their time at school.

Our school has implemented two important policies that have been developed to increase the likelihood of healthy eating practices within the school. These are outlined briefly below:

Healthy Food Policy:

  • Our canteen provides as many healthy foods as possible on the weekly menu and works within recommended Health Department Guidelines using the traffic lights system as guidelines.
  • We ask parents to provide healthy eating alternatives in lunches and snacks during breaks in the day.
  • Students are expected to refrain from purchasing food for each other and sharing snacks during recess and lunch time. We believe parents should know what their children are consuming during the day.
  • Staff are required not to provide food of any kind as daily rewards for students.
  • On special occasions (eg discos and end of year celebrations) staff and parents will enable students to have food available from the red zone in the traffic lights system. During these occasions there should always be healthy alternatives available.
  • Parents are not to supply cakes for birthdays as there are students who must be very careful about what they eat and we do not want students excluded because of this.
  • Students who are coming to school without breakfast or forget their lunch will be supported by the school to find something healthy to eat.
  • Students must be seated whenever they are drinking from a container or eating.

Crunch and Sip Policy:

  • Students are able to have a small food break during class time which must include only fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or dried fruits.
  • Students may have a drink of water during instruction time to remain hydrated. No other drinks may be consumed in class time.