Positive Behaviour Support

Albany Primary School has begun their journey to becoming a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. PBS is a school-wide framework that aims to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behaviour, and establish a positive school culture.

Our whole-school behaviour expectations are:

  • Show Respect
  • Include Others
  • Be Safe
  • Personal Excellence

Together, our behaviour expectations make RISE. These behaviour expectations are defined by a common language in the Behaviour Matrix which was developed with student, staff and parent input in 2018. The Behaviour Matrix is a working document and will be updated as the need arises. 

All students are working towards earning PBS RISE Reward Tickets. These tickets are earnt when students demonstrate an expected behaviour. These tickets contribute to House Points, some class rewards and whole school reward systems. 

We believe these behaviour expectations will be demonstrated by all students at all times. All students are also expected to maintain Good Standing, in accordance with the PBS framework and DoE directives. Good Standing is consistently demonstrating the RISE expectations. However, if a student has not demonstrated these behaviour expectations, an office referral may be required to follow up the undesired behaviour and result in a loss of Good Standing. 

The loss of Good Standing will come from: 

  • In school suspension or suspension 
  • 1 Major (currently a ‘purple’) 
  • 3 Minors = 1 Major (currently an ‘orange’) 

Due to the age appropriateness, the PBS team has defined loss of Good Standing period as:

Kindy – Year 1  1 day suspension/major = 1 week loss 
Year 2 – Year 3  1 day suspension/major = 2 weeks loss 
Year 4 – Year 5  1 day suspension/major = 3 weeks loss 
Year 6  1 day suspension/major = 5 weeks loss 

Download a copy of the Good Standing Policy