Music Program 

Music is a very important part of the school program. All primary classes from year 1 to 6 participate in a music sessions conducted by our talented music teachers. The early childhood teachers also incorporate music into their daily program with songs, dance and nursery rhymes. 

During music lessons in the primary division the student sing, dance and play instruments such as the ukuleles, recorders and tuned and un-tuned percussion. Dances that are taught are included in school discos so that all students can partici-pate fully during these occasions. 

The program is aimed at making music enjoyable, engaging and attractive while teaching the rudiments. Our belief is that all students can learn to sing and play an instrument and that music is to be enjoyed while enhancing and expressing creativity and enriching lives. 

School Choirs 

Each year the school has a school choir. In some years we may have more than one. Students in year 4 and 5 in particular are very keen on participating in the choir. The choirs are all about enabling students to sing a variety of songs learning to sing in part, in harmony and include movement. 

Our choirs are given several opportunities during the year to perform at a range of special school and community events. Any student from the age group may join! 

Instrumental Music 

We have many musically talented students at our school who are given the opportunity to join the Instrumental Music Program conducted by the School of Instrumental Music teachers at our school. Students from years 3 onward are invited to learn instruments such as violin, cello, trumpet, clarinet, classical guitar, flute and double bass. Students can continue to learn these instruments as they go through their secondary schooling. 

Each year in term 4, after assessment, talented students are offered the opportunity to take up an instrument. Parents can make a decision to accept the after a consultation meeting. The Instrumental music teachers then make a 

selection of students based on talent, interest, parental support and the student’s capacity to work in class while taking on an extra area to learn. Students taking up an instrument have weekly lessons during school time. This means they may miss some of the classroom activities. Lessons are 30 minutes long and classes range from 3 to 5 students. 


A key part to our music program is the opportunity to perform. Often students who play instruments perform at assemblies and may perform at other schools. Classes will also perform what they have learnt at assemblies and our choirs are able to perform at special school occasions, community and interschool activities.