From the Principal’s Desk – Foodbank Albany

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Merrifield Food Drive for Foodbank.

We have a box in our front office and are collecting donations for Foodbank to assist Merrifield Real Estate in their goal to collect 1000kg of canned and nonperishable food for Foodbank Albany.

Please assist us in this worthy cause by dropping off your donations of any canned and non-perishable foods. For example, canned goods, long life milk, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meals, pasta, rice…

Do We Have Your Correct Email?

It is almost time for Semester 1 Reports to be sent home. These are sent electronically to the email address we have for you. If you have changed your

details lately, please contact our office to make sure we have the correct email address.


I sincerely thank all parents and caregivers who strive to send their children to school every day. Every day matters.

If your child is absent, we are required to have a reason and notification from you for our records. Thank you to everyone who is observant in following up on this for us. You can notify us in several ways – phone call, email, the absentee textline 0438 978 463 or written note.

School Dress Code

It is wonderful to see the new uniform being proudly worn by students. 2021 is the year for phasing out our old uniform pieces and transitioning in the new uniform. Our P&C Uniform Committee continues to work tirelessly to ensure we are planning for stock levels and a smooth transition. There are investigations ongoing about the recycling of old uniforms.

Our Moral Purpose

Together our community nurtures diversity and pursues personal excellence to unlock potential.

What is personal excellence?

When we think of excellence in a school setting we often think straight away about academic achievement. Whilst this is a very important part of personal excellence, it is one facet of how we define personal excellence in our moral purpose. Personal excellence is about us striving to be our very best. Some of the areas we consider are academic achievement, sporting prowess, social and emotional capacity, and creative capabilities.

Importantly, personal excellence means we develop and strive to achieve our goals. These are different for every person. It is the progress we make against\ achieving our goals and giving our best every day.

With only three weeks of term to go, there is still much work to be done. Our students are continuing to work hard and show RISE across the school day. The last day of term is Friday 2 July.

Have a super weekend.

Ms Cathy Willis