From the Principal Term 1 week 10

Covid Update

On Tuesday last week the Minister for Education announced
an easing of some restrictions for schools commencing Term 2. These have been approved by the Chief Health Officer.
For APS the main changes are:

  • Students can play in areas of their own choice – no more year level groupings at recess and lunch – hooray!!
  • Parents and carers can attend face-to-face parent-teacher meetings
  • Parents and carers can volunteer in roles outside the classroom
  • In-school special events with more than one class size can be held with masks and physical distancing
    Choir can commence
    Music ensembles can commence
    Meetings of the P&C, School Board and Fathering Group can be held on school grounds
  • Parents and carers can spectate at indoor and outdoor sporting events, with physical distancing and masks.

Hygiene measures will remain in place.
Physical distancing and mask wearing remains in place.
Parents will still, at this stage, not be allowed into classrooms.
Of course, if conditions change over the holiday period we will be advised to change our settings.
Thank you for your commitment to keep our school safe.

Mathematics at APS

This year we have started using a program across our whole school called Origo Maths. Using a consistent program across the whole school allows for consistency in the content being taught and assessed at differing year levels, and allows our staff to focus upon the ‘how’ of teaching. This is inline with our Business Plan focus on an evidence-based whole school instructional model. Parts of our model have already been implemented; such as the engagement norms, TAPPLE and Daily Review.

Our P&C has been very generous in supporting our implementation of Origo Mathematics, by purchasing some of the program resources. Thank you!

Lunch Service Update

I hope to have a further update this week regarding the Lunch Service for Term 2 onwards. ASHS have been sourcing an external provider who can work on their school site to provide lunches, and we will hopefully be accessing this. I will post a notice on Connect as soon as I hear more news.

Holidays and Return to Term 2

As the term winds down, we are all looking forward to a well-deserved break. Staff have certainly worked hard this term to be flexible in adapting to all of the changes over the past ten weeks. We have an amazing team here at APS and everyone has supported each other during stressful times.

I wish all families a safe and happy holiday break. We look forward to our students returning on Tuesday 26th April.

Ms Cathy Willis

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