Voluntary Contributions

Download our 2023 Contributions & Charges schedule of costs.

Paying School Fees/Voluntary Contributions 

Timely payment of school fees enables the school to purchase items that directly support the classroom. School fees are voluntary but very necessary for building up effective resources. They are only $65 per child for the year. 

School fees can be paid directly to the office or as part of the stationery order for your child. 

Ten ways to assist your child at school 

  1. Check that they return library books on time. There is a two week turn around for borrowing. 
  2. Attend the beginning of the year parent meeting held by each teacher. 
  3. Interview the teacher to keep in touch with your child’s performance. Complete home reading diaries and check that they have completed any classroom requirements. 
  4. Assist the teacher with costuming when the class has assembly. 
  5. Volunteer for canteen duty. It’s two hours of fun and easy work supporting the canteen workers. 
  6. Volunteer to assist at sporting carnivals and classroom activities. 
  7. Help out during P&C activities and fundraisers. 
  8. Cover student workbooks at the beginning of the year. First and Surname on everything 
  9. Follow up with the teacher and then the principal if your child is trying to avoid attending school regularly. 
  10. There are many other ways you can keep your child participating effectively in the learning program. Keep an open mind and be as supportive as you can.