Local intake area

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ALBANY PRIMARY SCHOOL (Government Gazette Dec 2006)

The following defines the local-intake area of this school:

From the junction of Hanrahan Road and Serpentine Road, south along Serpentine Road to the south west extension of Wellington Street, north east along this extension and continuing along Wellington Street to Centennial Park, north east through Centennial Park to the junction of Sanford Road and North Road, south east along North Road to the northerly extension of Bluff Street, south along Bluff Street to Beauchamp Street, east along Beauchamp Street to Hanson Street, continuing east along Hanson Street and its easterly extension to the coastline (Middleton Bay), generally south and west along the coastline to Melville Point, north to Princess Royal Drive, north west along Princess Royal Drive to Hanrahan Road, and north along Hanrahan Road to Serpentine Road. The boundary parts of North Road (south side), Lockyer Avenue (both sides), Cockburn Road (both sides), Bluff Street (both sides), Beauchamp Street (both sides), Hanson Street (both sides), Princess Royal Drive (north side) and Hanrahan Road (east side) are included within the local-intake area of this school. The boundary parts of Serpentine Road (both sides) and Wellington Street (both sides) are excluded from this local-intake area.