Book Lists

The school provides all parents with a list of stationery requirements for each student.

Children who are well equipped feel secure in their daily work and do not disrupt class processes by having to borrow items to complete work. 

The booklists are available at most stationery suppliers in Albany with our school’s preferred supplier being Albany Office Products Depot. If you use the school supplier the P&C receive a commission so your support would be appreciated. 

From time to time throughout the year some items will need to replaced or replenished. Please don’t shy away from doing so if it is required. 

Book Lists

Kindy Booklist 2022

Pre-Primary Booklist 2022

Year 1 Booklist 2022

Year 2 Booklist 2022

Year 3 Booklist 2022

Year 4 Booklist 2022

Year 5 Booklist 2022

Year 6 Booklist 2022