P & C Association

The P&C is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who share a goal to build and strengthen the school community, and support our school in a variety of ways.

P&C Association members

President – Jane Hare

Vice President – Daniel Till

Secretary – Fiona Neely

Treasurer – Vicki Davies

Executive – Rebecca Wallace, Cindy Van Dongen, Russell Pol, Andrea Smithson, Cathy Willis (Principal)

Functions of the P&C

The main functions of the P&C Association are to:

  • Give parents an opportunity to learn about school policies and programs
  • Provide a voice for parents and students by maintaining positive relationships between the school community and school administration
  • Bring parents together to share information and views
  • Organise social events to build a strong sense of community
  • Raise funds and provide additional resources & experiences for the benefit of the students
  • Operate the school uniform shop

P&C Email: albanyprimarypandc@gmail.com

P&C Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/APSPandC