End of Term 1, Where has the Term gone?

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Where has this term gone? Nine weeks down and one to go and what a fun filled adventure week it will be!

Inter School Swimming Carnival – A Division

Selected students attended the Inter School Swimming Carnival this week and represented the school brilliantly. Albany Primary School finishedsecond overall out of the four schools participating! That’s a great resultand our students should be proud.

Congratulations go to Freya for being awarded Year 4 Champion Girl, and Ashton for being awarded Year 6 Champion Boy. Well done to all our swimmers.

Special thanks must go to our parent helpers on the day – Kym Quartermaine, Poppie Walker and Andrea Le Page. Thank you also to Mr Reece Smith, our Deputy, for organising the day and Mrs Pip Schulz for marshalling the event.

School Board

Thank you to everyone who voted in the board elections. It is with great pleasure I can share the 2019 School Board –

Caroline Cameron (Board Chair)
Julie Brooks
Poppie Walker
Jo Orr
Jodie Pol
Hannah Mackay

I look forward to working with you all in the coming year/s to continue to embed the 2018-2020 Business Plan and Public School Review validations. More information about the role of the School Board will be coming to our new website soon.

New Website

Thank you to Mrs Marshall for all your ‘behind the scenes’ work, and Mr MacNish who took all of the photos for our new website. If you need to contact us, please don’t hesitate to call or email us directly.

School Photos

WOW… they are looking amazing! The $32 pack includes the class photo and a composite folder of all the students inthe class. The backgrounds are sensational and the colour looks magical! I cannot wait to see the final prints. A sneak peek will be added to the website.

From the Rebranding Sub committee

Rebranding is well underway and has the full support of past and present staff and the School Board. Through our research we are lucky enough to have spoken to Mr Des Beeck and Mr Barry Jones who were able to share their knowledge with us that – the three anchors represent the three navigators, George Vancouver, Matthew Flinders, Phillip Parker-King who explored the Albany shore. The Banksia is the Coccinia Banksia that is

found in the Albany area, and the Chevron (shape the anchors are in) represents the Army base. This logo appeared in school photos around 1982 after the junior and senior school officially combined in 1975 -1977 on the Albany Highway site. However, an honour certificate from 1976 has a logo in all green, with the same elements. The current logo, with red, was not evident until 2000/2002.

Our Motto was also created in approximately 1992 and will be a part of the rebranding survey next week to create a motto that is unique to Albany PS and highlight the history and significance of our school.

So where to from here? Current staff, students and the school community will be asked to complete a survey in regard to identifying which elements of our current school brand will remain, be modified or removed. A graphic designer will then create a number of options for us. These designs will be put to staff, students and the community to select a new school logo. Make sure you keep watching the newsletter and the Weekender for updates.

Calling all ex students, staff and interested community members. If you have any additional information, or images, about the history of the APS school logo and motto our rebranding committee would like you to email albanyps@education.wa.edu.au by COB Wednesday 10th April, 2019.


Mrs Jayde Hewson